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Monsummano Terme Spa Complex

10 minutes from the hotel, there are other Spas that are waiting for you on holiday in Tuscany

The well-being offer during your holiday in Montecatini is truly complete, if you consider that only 5 km away there is the Monsummano  Terme Spa Complex.

The Monsummano thermal spa waters

The Monsummano thermal spa waters belong to the class of the bicarbonate-sulphate-chlorine-calcium-magnesium thermal waters that gush to the surface at a temperature of 34.5° C.
They have a beneficial effect on the locomotor (degenerative, inflammatory diseases as well as other disorders of the bones, joints and muscles), respiratory (diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, rhinosinusitic and ear diseases) and cardio-vascular systems (after-effects of phlebopathy and circulation disorders).

Giusti Grotto

Taking a trip inside the Giusti  Grotto is not only good for you, but it is also extremely beautiful! In breathtaking scenery with stalactites and stalagmites, you can benefit from the precious spa waters; from the vapours of these you can enjoy a truly relaxing sauna.

The Thermal vapour bath lasts 50 minutes and the temperature of 34.5°C makes this extremely pleasant indeed. At the end of the bath, stress and toxins are eliminated

The marvellous thermal swimming pool

The Monsummano Terme thermal swimming pool is open all year round and it represents an excellent idea for those who desire the utmost in well-being and beauty.
The swimming pool, measuring 750 m2, is embellished by a great waterfall, hydro-massage baths and this is all powered directly by bicarbonate, sulphate, calcium, magnesium thermal waters at 31 -34°C.

The Hotel Parma e Oriente reserves special benefits for guests who wish to take advantage of these well-being treatments at the Monsummano Terme Spa Complex.
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