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Montecatini Terme Spa Complex

...the New Boundaries of Wellbeing.

Known of for over two millennia the thermal waters of Montecatini have always been used for curing liver, stomach and metabolic ailments, as well as rheumatic complaints and high cholesterol.

What is most striking at the Montecatini Thermal baths is the spectacular architecture:

the Tettuccio building, used for hydropinic care and surrounded by age-old parks, is characterised by the majestic colonnades made with travertine, the marble, the stuccoes, the frescoes, the windows and the frescoed tiles that create a fascinating architecture that closely resembles that of the ancient Roman baths or Greek temples. The historic café at the Thermals with its grand frescoes, beautiful reading room - a true triumph of Liberty, the Regina room - a classic example of Umbertino Liberty, or the spectacular wooden architecture of the more recent Portuguese lounge areas, make this one of the most beautiful thermal spas in the world.

The Terme La Salute, also a centre of hydropinic care, with their fresh Tuscan architecture and large parks, will be the favourite of those who are looking for more discreet and bucolic environments.

The more modern Terme Redi, completely renovated and opened on 12th December 2009, represent the best at a European level for all mud-bath, balneotherapy, pulmonary inhalation and ventilation, and post-traumatic and postoperative treatments, relying on modern gyms and indoor thermal pools with vascular courses.
Renovated by the architect Oreste Ruggero following the modern canons of functional postmodern architecture they offer a level of comfort that is unusual for normal Thermal structures, finished with good quality materials, and the best fittings and equipment currently available.

The Terme Excelsior, multifunctional complex used for winter hydropinic treatments and home of the current Montecatini Terme spa, is the modern and functional site for the most advanced concepts in holistic wellbeing and experimentation in some of the innovations that will be proposed at the new Terme Leopoldine. It is a partly neoclassic, partly modernist construction, overlooking Viale Verdi and the not to be missed Thermal Park.

However, the jewel in the crown of our Thermals will be the Leopoldine Baths, an eighteenth century complex currently undergoing reconstruction following the plans of the architect Fuksas. It will be equipped with the new wellbeing centre, the Roman baths with tepidarium, calidarium and frigidarium, the sensory baths and a series of enormous thermal swimming pools at temperatures varying between 32° and 40°, representing a one of a kind on the international scene for its beautiful architecture and the breadth and completeness of thermal wellbeing offers. When it is opened, this complex will rewrite the rule book and move the boundaries of wellbeing, reaffirming the traditional worldwide leadership of the Montecatini Terme.

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